Denny reached out to our team through Nextdoor and inquired about creating a shade for his outdoor balcony. Since his backyard had a large entertainment space, he enjoyed spending quality time on the balcony while watching his children play in the pool. Jerry, one of our specialists, discussed a few options with Denny and presented constructing an acrylic roof, since those are meant to provide more natural light to the space and keep out rain. During the initial site visit, we showed Denny a couple of options for the acrylic roof. One was the Heat Stop Sunspace Acrylic Roof, which was meant to prevent heat from entering the space. The other option was the Cool White Sunspace Acrylic Panels, which did not prevent heat from entering the space, but offered more natural light. With those options in mind, Denny went with the Heat Stop Sunspace acrylic roof. As a part of the project, our team agreed to reinforce a screw back into place that had been hanging on the side of his gutter. Although this minor fix was not a part of the original scope of work, our team is always going the extra mile to provide a quality experience.

When our team began working on Denny’s balcony, we had to take a more custom approach to the covering. Normally with Sunspace roofs, a post is placed in the middle to maintain equal support throughout the space. Since Denny’s balcony spanned at 20 feet in length, custom 6×6 posts were placed on each side by the walls of the balcony, as well as 2 LVL’s screwed together, so he would have clean sightlines into the backyard. The posts were wrapped with snap-in column aluminum, which made them look like they fully aluminum posts and maintenance free. For the beams, our team used standard wood LVL’s and wrapped them in aluminum coils. To match the exterior roof and wall colors of Denny’s home, the posts and beams were painted in the Sunspace Driftwood color, which is a mixture between tan and beige.

The finished product was a 20×12 roof with an overhand on the second, almost third, floor of Denny’s home. The covering had a beautiful driftwood finish that allowed for plenty of natural light to come into the space without allowing rain from getting in the way of spending quality time outside. In the end, Denny was very pleased with the custom work our team provided and could not wait to watch his children play in the pool.

Before and After