4-Track Stacking Windows & Doors

Step into the ultimate outdoor oasis with our 4-track stacking windows & doors – where screen rooms meet sunrooms! Experience the best of both worlds as your porch transforms into a breezy haven on sunny days and a cozy sun-soaked retreat when you want to keep out pollen, rain, bugs, and harmful UV rays. Embrace versatility, embrace comfort – all in one extraordinary package!

Porch Enclosures

Unquestionably the top choice for Carolina’s porches, this product reigns supreme in style, durability, and functionality!

Introducing our revolutionary Four Track Stacking Windows – a game-changer for Carolina’s porches! This innovative design allows sections to stack behind one another, maximizing ventilation and giving you the freedom to adjust them to your liking. Experience the ultimate three-season porch by effortlessly expanding the sections when the weather cools or rain threatens.

These windows not only screen in and enclose your porch but also enhance its comfort, versatility, and enjoyment. With benefits like improved ventilation, protection against insects, debris, and enhanced privacy, our stacking windows transform your porch into a welcoming haven all year round. Choose from a variety of tint and frame colors to match your style, and elevate your outdoor living experience today. Transform your existing porch or covered patio into the perfect combination of sunroom and screen room with ease!

Discover the unmatched durability of our stacking windows, crafted with maintenance-free aluminum and vinyl for years of seamless operation. Engineered with high-quality molded corner keys, these windows ensure trouble-free performance.

Our 4 Track Stacking windows are tailored to fit your spaces perfectly, and we offer matching doors and transom & trapezoid lites for a cohesive look. Choose from a palette of elegant frame colors, including White, Desert Sand, Earthstone, and Black, and select from our vinyl options: Clear, Bronze, Smokey Grey, and Dark Grey. You can test the resilience of our heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl glazing without worry; it springs back effortlessly even if impacted, guaranteeing your safety against flying objects. Plus, the vinyl glazing reduces glare, solar heat gain, and protects your furnishings from UV-induced fading. Elevate your space with our superior stacking windows!


4 Track Stacking Windows Specifications

  • Window framing made from sturdy, maintenance-free extruded aluminum
  • Frame colors: White, Desert Sand, Earthstone, and Black
  • Window glazing: Super strong 10 mil Vinyl
  • Vinyl colors: Clear, Bronze, Smokey Grey, and Dark Grey
  • Up to 75% ventilation
  • Full height fiberglass screen
  • Minimum width 10 inches, maximum width 60 inches
  • Minimum height 40 inches, maximum height 96 inches
  • The mounting flange is 7/8” wide

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Feel free to submit any questions you have about these porch windows if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for.
What is a 4 track stacking window?
There are four transparent panels, each equipped with its own track, allowing them to slide behind one another and create an expansive screen area covering almost 75% of the space. This feature makes four-track stacking windows the ideal choice for pleasant weather when all you need is a screened room. These panels can be stacked at the top, bottom, or in any combination imaginable, thanks to the four available tracks. Unlike traditional glass, these panels are glazed with a durable vinyl film that can be distorted significantly and quickly return to its original shape. To ensure the panels stay in place, each one is equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism. Some inquire about the availability of glass panels in four-track windows, but it’s not feasible due to the weight of glass, which would overpower the springs, making it impossible to hold the panels securely in position.
Do you install 4 track stacking windows?
We handle installations within the North Carolina and South Carolina regions ourselves. Depending on the complexity of the project, we might consider traveling beyond our usual radius.
Can I install 4 track windows myself?
Installing 4 track windows mirrors the process for storm windows. Each window features a wide flange around its perimeter, easily secured to your opening using the provided color-matched screws. While we offer silicone sealant, you can use your own if preferred. Before installation, apply a bead of sealant beneath the flange, ensuring it’s near the edges, especially at screw locations, to prevent rainwater from reaching the screw holes. This precaution ensures a watertight seal, keeping your windows secure and weather-resistant.
What colors are available for aluminum of 4 track windows?

4 Track Vinyl Windows is available in White, Desert Sand, Earthstone, and Black.

How do I measure for 4 track windows?

When placing your window order, it’s essential to provide the “make size,” indicating the specific dimensions for a perfect fit within the opening. Typically, this involves subtracting 1/4 to 3/8 inches from your rough opening (RO). However, if the opening isn’t perfectly square, plumb, or level, further adjustments are necessary. Measure the width and height at multiple points and subtract 1/4 inch from the narrowest measurement to determine the accurate dimensions for your order.

How do you replace the vinyl film in 4 track windows?
When it comes to re-glazing your 4 track window panes, the process is straightforward. The film is applied similarly to how a screen is installed. You can often reuse the spline, but if it’s damaged, you can easily order a replacement. Re-glazing stacking windows, however, can be trickier due to the handling challenges posed by vinyl. To ease the process, it’s advisable to order extra vinyl for practice and to account for any mistakes. Using a hairdryer to warm up the vinyl can make it more pliable, making it easier to fit into the grooves. If you encounter small wrinkles, simply waving the hairdryer over the area usually smooths them out. For hassle-free re-glazing, follow the tips in the video for a seamless window makeover.
Can I use stacking windows on my existing porch?

Absolutely! Numerous windows from our collection are specifically designed for such spaces. If your porch has framed openings, simply place an order based on the deductions outlined in our FAQ. However, if your porch is supported by columns without additional framing, we can create a comprehensive 4-track wall system, incorporating 4-track windows like the ones shown below.

How do you clean 4 track windows?
Steer clear of using chemicals or harsh cleaners on the vinyl film. Instead, clean it with mild soap and water. We advise washing the windows with soap and warm water, followed by rinsing with plain water, and finally, drying them. Always use a microfiber cloth in all cases.
How long does the vinyl film last?
The standard warranty for vinyl film is 10 years according to industry norms. Nevertheless, there have been instances where the vinyl has endured for more than 20 years, as evidenced by various accounts.

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