Project in Waxhaw, NC

Craft-Bilt Four Track Stacking Windows in a Wall System with Solid Kneewall

  • Customers: Ken & Michelle and Tom & Michelle
  • Project Type: Open Porch to 3 Season Porch Conversion

About this Project

Tom and Michelle were building a new home and wanted to ensure their porch was enclosed to keep out pollen, bugs, rain, and outside dirt. In their current home, they had enclosed the porch with old model stacking windows. For their new home, they sought other options. During their online search, Michelle discovered Valverax videos comparing the old model windows to the new ones and decided to request an estimate.

After reviewing all the information about the windows and various wall options, Michelle chose to have a solid knee-wall at the bottom with stacking windows on top. For the side privacy wall, she selected solid fixed-lites that matched the post widths. Due to HOA requirements, they had to use black frame colors, and Michelle opted for clear vinyl instead of tinted.

Once the agreement was finalized, we remeasured the openings to account for any slope in the concrete, posts, and headers, and then placed the material order. After the materials arrived, we scheduled the installation. The pictures and Michelle’s review highlight the satisfaction Tom and Michelle felt with their newly enclosed porch.

A little fun AI generated song video with pictures from this project.

The left image depicts the porch before the conversion. 

Below, you can see an interior view of the porch after the transformation.

Ken and Michelle were impressed by their neighbor’s completed porch and contacted Valverax to get an estimate for their own porch enclosure. They specifically wanted to allow for some cross-breeze. To meet this request, we added vinyl-film horizontal sliders at the top of the privacy wall. The rest of the solution mirrored that of their neighbor’s porch.

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