As an exclusive distributor with Sunspace, there are times when we receive direct leads from them. For Ram’s project, he reached out to Sunspace to inquire about their products, and his information was passed on to our team to reach out and learn more. After the initial consultation and site visit, Ram addressed his need to prevent cleaning his porch of pollen. Additionally, Ram wanted to make sure that his porch was fully protected from rain, pollen, dirt, and anything else that could find its way in.

After conducting a site visit, one of our contractors noticed that Ram’s porch had mainly screens and recommended removing the vinyl film windows and installing the Model 200 Weather Master Window System in every opening throughout the framing. Since the pre-existing columns and headers were wrapped in a beige color, our contractors rewrapped the pre-existing columns and headers in aluminum coil wrap in a white color. This new color gave the space a fresh look as well as a lift to an already existing room.

In addition to the windows, a Model 200 Weather Master door was installed. The door had a window at the top to allow nature light to flow into the enclosure. After installing the Weather Master system, Ram wanted trapezoids at the top of the enclosure to prevent rain and pollen from getting in the future. To provide an effective solution, one of our contractors installed the Model 300 Trapezoid glass so they would require less maintenance when cleaning.

Before and After Pictures