Bill and Debbie first came to us through one of our manufacturer’s Craft-Bilt about their pre-existing awning. They were having issues with the motor no longer working. So, we went out there to inspect and give our best recommendation of what was needed for their awning. After going to look at it we determined the motor didn’t have enough torque to pull the awning back. After giving the awning a gentle nudge, the motor was able to retract it back in place.

Their awning was in a recessed portion of their home which didn’t help much with shade and caused the air underneath to be stagnant. Bill wanted another solution that would help cool off their grandchildren when they came over to use the backyard pool.

Jerry recommended a free-standing aluminum pergola. We identified a perfect spot for the pergola. Because this pergola had an under canopy, the rafters were optional. After talking through the rafter option, Bill and Debbie decided to keep the pergola rafters. Now when the under canopy is retracted the pergola stands in all its glory like any wood pergolas, but better.

The great thing about the pergola that Bill and Debbie loved the most is the customizable aspect to it. They were able to choose the options with the pergola to have the double under canopy which enabled them to shade the area and keep them cool when needed or be able to pull it back when they wanted more sun. As well as the rafters on top of the pergola.

As you can see in the video testimonial they were so pleased with the result. Being able to customize the pergola and get everything they wanted was something we were happy to deliver to them.