Betsy’s patio was originally very sunny and there was no shade. She decided to add a pergola because it was great to enjoy the sun without getting too much of it. During this time at home, Betsy was able to sit underneath her pergola and enjoy the shaded sun. She decided to add a tension shade which helped produce more shade and allowed for having a fan with lights underneath the pergola. The fan helped lower the heat and brighten the space outside after sundown. The fan made time spent in the hot sun much more enjoyable and the lights attached to her home were bright enough so the light from the pergola was perfect.

Betsy came across our company by the luxury of her own home. She was searching Google for her intended project and spoke to us over the phone. She chose to work with our company because we were able to complete both her needs: the pergola and the tension shade. Betsy quotes the project was “important enough to our lives that it was worth the investment.” Her favorite feature of the pergola was the tension shade and the color options that were available. Betsy chose a matching design to her chairs next to the patio. She had a great time working with us and our production manager Russ! He held strong communication with Betsy throughout the whole project and kept her in the loop. His goal was to make sure Betsy was aware and approved of every detail. Betsy takes great pride in her yard and couldn’t be happier with her shaded pergola. It’s a new space she can spend with others for hours on hours.