Things to Think About When Expanding Your Home (Blog #1)

I believe there is always a time where we look around our home and wonder, “What if I added a bathroom here?” or “Wouldn’t an outdoor patio look incredible?” Nevertheless, we are always faced with the lingering question that follows, “Is it worth it?” Let’s face it, choosing to construct an additional space is a huge investment. So, it is important to think about and answer different questions on what kind of space you wish to have, before making the final decision. At Valverax, we want to help you prepare for that exciting moment of expanding your home. For us to do so, we need to understand the reasons for your expansion.

How to be More Involved in Your Own Project


Your specific needs will help provide us with enough knowledge to decide on the best solution for you. Being prepared on the project ahead, helps our job run smoothly and erases the unnecessary time it would take to show you things you wouldn’t even be interested in. In this blog, we want to offer you the right questions to ponder when thinking about your expansion. It will not only better prepare you for the task ahead, but also give you creative freedom within your project.

What is the primary purpose of the additional space?

Before we can even begin with designs or blueprints, you must know the exact reason why you want to expand. Like we mentioned before, understanding your reasoning for an expansion makes the process quick and efficient. Think about these questions below…

  • Are you wanting to protect your room from bugs?
  • Do you want to keep out pollen & rain to keep your furniture clean?
  • With already having an existing deck, are you wanting to redo the structure or just the surface?
  • Do you want retractable screens or just a screen room?

It may seem like a lot to think about, but the results will be worth the time.

How often will this new space be used?

When making an investment to increase both the value and overall livability in your home, you will need to gain back what you spent in a sufficient amount of time. The only way to do so is by spending that time in this new space. Whether it is used for weekly Sunday night football grill-outs or daily family game nights, decide if you will truly spend the time you anticipate in the expansion.

 When considering your new addition, how much maintenance are you willing to put in?

With every new addition to a home, maintenance will always be required, regardless of what is being expanded. When we mention maintenance, we aren’t just talking about vacuuming the carpet once a week or making sure there are no dust bunnies underneath the table. Maintenance also includes the initial design work it took to complete the project. For example, when adding a screened-in porch, you will have to make sure to rinse off any excess debris, especially during pollen season. If your patio was painted with a certain color, you will need to freshen it up every three or so years. You must factor in those additional costs with your new space, as well as certain components that may encourage the withering, like weather, temperature, children, and pets.

How bright do I want this space to be?

When it comes to adding a new space, the aesthetic is everything. You must decide on how you want your expansion to look and feel. Do you want it to bring in a light, airy, and bright look with open sunroofs and windows, or do you get too much sun in that part of the house and would like to reduce the access to light and heat? Become a beauty guru and select the best look that will make you feel at ease.

Will I Need to Heat & Cool the Additional Space?

This element will determine whether the room will be a full sunroom addition, a three-season lounge, or a quaint and simple screen room. Temperature will not only affect your design, but it will factor into the cost of keeping up with your expansion’s needs.

When Do You Start?

Once you have your answers to the above questions, you may move on to building a perfect solution that fits your custom requirements!