Sometimes, projects do not begin immediately. With Scott, maintaining effective communication was key to making sure the job was done right. Before moving forward with enclosing his back patio, most of the communication was done remotely. After taking remote measurements, we sent a quote remotely for Scott to review. After a couple of months of following up and communicating, Scott and his wife decided to take the plunge and get started.

After conducting a site visit, one of our contractors recommended installing the Model 200 Weather Master wall system in between each post. This wall system would provide a seamless and sleek look from all corners of the enclosure. The wall system included 8-track vinyl floor-to-ceiling windows so the enclosed space will provide picturesque views, while protecting Scott and his wife from rain, pollen, or dirt.

The 4 posts were wrapped in a bronze color to match the pre-existing columns on a concrete slab. To provide an effective solution, two Model 200 doors were installed on either side of the enclosure to prevent Scott and his family from walking around to only one side. A bronze color was selected for the framing, along with a smoke gray as the window tint. This color scheme showcased a modern, yet timeless look that presents clean lines during all seasons of the year.

Once the new enclosure was finished, Scott and his family were very pleased with the final result. In the end, the initial wait was well worth the final product. Now, Scott and his family can enjoy their new space, yearlong, with no interruptions.

Before and After