You never know where and when you are going to meet your next client. For Mike and his wife, it was during one of the local home shows. Mike and his wife came up to our booth and decided to schedule an appointment to discuss their project. During their initial appointment, Mike mentioned that he wanted to enclose his porch that a prior contractor built. His main priority was to keep pollen out, as well as place a plastic cover over the screens to keep the entire space warm during the winter. Instead of making sure the plastic covering remained in place, he decided to have the space enclosed to provide an easier solution.

When one of our contractors conducted the site visit, they noticed the windows were short in height and suggested installing 4-Track windows with 3 sash vinyl fillings, wrapped in white aluminum, and customized with sill plates around with fixed slides to close any narrow openings. For the knee wall and posts for the roof structure, our team measured out an opening between the posts and knee wall to make sure the overall structure was sturdy. The knee wall was finished with siding and vinyl soffit material, along with custom trim work to ensure the right fit for its unique shape. Finally, a customized sill plate was applied around with fixed slides to close any narrow openings and wrapped all aluminum corner posts with white vinyl coloring.

For the entire project, our team installed between 7 windows for his enclosure. Once the final product was revealed, Mike was able to enjoy time outside during all seasons, without having to worry about placing any type of plastic covering to keep warm and the pollen out.