Homeowner’s Chores

 Taking care of your home’s interior is one thing but taking care of the outside is another. Your home is carefully constructed with your safety in mind, so you can enjoy living without having to worry of anything happening. However, that will only last for so long if you do not take proper care of what happens to the exterior during all four seasons.



The spring months are full of harsh cold temperatures, howling wind, and numerous rain showers. While we may want to snuggle up under a blanket, drink hot cocoa, and not worry about the weather outside, your home will say otherwise. Here are some top maintenance tips you may need to do to prepare your home:

  • Clean out the gutters – you should consider this as one of your routine outdoor chores, especially if you live near trees.
  • Inspect your roof’s condition – it does not hurt to check out your roof’s condition on a routine basis in case of any missing shingles, rust, or pitted flashing. A damaged roof could mean water damage on the inside of the home.
  • Give your trees a trim – Spring is an ideal time to trim overgrown branches and shrubs away from the home. You always want to keep branches between 5 to 7 feet away from the home to prevent moisture from collecting on your roof and siding.


The summer months are full of strong heat, humidity, and nature’s most eligible bachelors (i.e, bees). While more time in the sun may bring more enjoyment after being cooped inside after a cold winter, you want to take proper precaution so your home is in top shape before the peak heat months arrive. Some highlights are:

  • Give your deck a nice spruce – Check to see if any boards have begun to show signs of rot. If so, have them replaced. Hammer in any nails that may have popped out. Additionally, if there are signs of water leaking through the boards, look into having it resealed to prevent any mold from appearing.
  • Wash your windows – Although it is nice to have squeaky clean windows from the interior of the home, why not have them sparkle from both sides?
  • Clean out your gutters and downspouts – If you are not doing inspections at least once a year already, twice might be helpful especially if your home is located around a large number of trees.
  • Have a pressure wash – It never hurts to give your driveway and walkway a washdown, especially to remove any stains, mud, or tire marks.
  • Add a new layer of mulch – not only does a new layer give your yard a makeover, it also helps fight off weeds and retain moisture during summer’s hottest temperatures.


The Fall months are full of changing leaves, perfect temperatures, and the holiday season. However, do not let the excitement of Halloween distract you from maintaining the outside of your home. Here are some top to-do items on your care for your home checklist:

  • Rake the leaves – with Fall comes all leaves changing color; although beautiful, that also means they will all soon find their way to your lawn and suddenly, that is all you see. Leaving large piles of leaves, although fun to jump into, can also inhibit spring growth.
  • Clean the gutters – Cleaning your gutter is just like taking out the trash, but on an every-season basis. To keep it simple, clogged gutters during rainstorms can cause water to collect and, in turn, damage your roof or siding.
  • Look into weatherstripping – weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings in doors, windows, and anything else that will prevent rain and water from entering entirely. As an added plus, it also boosts warmth and cuts your energy costs. Best of both worlds!


The Winter months are a time of snowball fights, blizzards, and nights by the fire. On the other hand, Winter has been responsible for causing over $1 billion dollars in damages for homeowners. If you want to avoid making costly repairs, here are some routine maintenance tips to make sure your home is ready.

  • Weatherproof Exterior Pipes – although the cold can be avoided once you go inside to the heat, your pipes are fully exposed to freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes can crack and can release hundreds of gallons of water once thawed. To prevent any structural damage, turn off all external pipes and make sure they are fully drained.
  • Routine gutter maintenance check – just in case you missed it, cleaning out the gutter can save your home from unneeded issues as well as save you significant time and money. A clogged gutter can overflow and break, which then puts strain on the roof itself. Just like mowing the lawn in the summer, it might not be the family’s favorite chore, but it needs to get done to ensure the care for your home.


Just like attending your yearly physical, conducting outdoor maintenance on your home every season is critical to ensure your home is in top shape before each season’s giving’s. Completing your maintenance checklists will provide you with a peace of mind that your home will be in good hands.