Wayne wanted to enjoy his space all year around. Wanted to extend his living space for him and his wife to be able to sit outside together. He started thinking about doing just a screened in room until someone recommended the vinyl windows. He never thought or knew about ViewFlex vinyl windows before so he thought it’s time to look into them.

So, they started doing some research about what are vinyl windows. He found 2 companies that do vinyl windows and Sunspace Sunrooms happened to be one of them. He came to one of the show rooms up north (as he was in the process of moving to Fort Mill) to see the product in person. He loved how the product was and the system we provided compared to the other company. What really persuaded him was the heavy-duty door that came with the wall system he was interested in.

Wayne’s porch has 10-foot-tall openings. Instead of framing out these openings we used Sunspace WeatherMaster 200 wall system which included transoms on top and 2 doors. The porch has 4-wall sections of the vinyl 4 track system. Now that the porch is enclosed, it allows Wayne to enjoy his space all year around. Due to the position of the porch relative to the sun, Wayne and his wife are able to use it for Christmas and Thanksgiving without having any addition heat needed for the room.

After, it was all finished I have to say it turned out wonderful. Wayne was completed satisfied with the completed project and so were we. The fact that he can use the room anytime of the year was a goal we were happy to accomplish for him. Happy to have yet another happy customer.

Before and After Pictures