Tyler and his family just wanted a really nice outdoor space that was fully enclosed. He had already check out our product because his parents had it installed in their home. So, he gave us a call since we are an exclusive dealer in his area and we came to evaluate the project. After, speaking with Tyler we realized that he needed different options for what he wanted to accomplish. The great thing about us is even though we are an exclusive Sunspace dealer we also provide other products like the Mirage Horizon 4800 retractable screen systems.

Tyler’s house was a new construction that we were working on. So, with his outdoor kitchen we did the Sunspace Model 100 wall system which are great for when we have to customize on the spot. Now we don’t typically customize on the spot but this was a unique situation that had to be done. With it being a new construction, we only had rough measurements to go by. With more parties involved, greater emphasis must be placed on communications. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan even with best effort especially when working with multiple parties (builders, subs, etc.). So, with the flexibility of this product we were able to make it work with the space. We originally recommended the wall system to help with bugs when he was cooking and for the ventilation of fumes for the grill but, as you can see there are multiple reasons this product is great.

Within this outdoor kitchen room, we also installed the Mirage H4800 large retractable screen. Tyler had this large opening with steps that went across the length of the opening. He didn’t want to put a wall there with a door and loose the use of the steps but still needed the space to be closed in for his kids to be able to play and to keep bugs out. So, we recommended the Mirage Horizon 4800 motorized retractable large screen so he could still have the closed-in option but when he wanted to enjoy the outdoor area it can retract up. This allowed him to still have use for the long beautiful steps he had.

Tyler had another room which he wanted to protect from the weather, pollen, dirt, and bugs. He had this beautiful fireplace in this room as well that we had to consider. We recommended to him the Sunspace (WeatherMaster) Model 200 wall system. This allowed him the privacy with the different tint options we have but still allowing him to enjoy the outdoors. We installed trapezoid vinyl windows beside the fireplace because that was part of the existing design picked out so we were able to have the windows fit that perfectly. He can also enjoy this room in any season now with the way this system and the windows are designed.

So, as you can see, we can incorporate different designs and products to fit any type of home. We truly do focus on making each and every one of our customers happy whether that is doing one project or multiple. We loved working on his project and being able to use different products to make his dream space happen. Just as you can see another happy customer with our product.

Before and After Pictures