Erin reached out to us through our online portal interested in our retractable screen doors for her 2 custom garage doors. This home was a newly constructed home that has 2 garage doors. One is upstairs and the other is downstairs in the main living space. With having these garage doors, they didn’t want to have the bugs coming in to their home when they have the doors open.

Terry went out to Erin’s home, and he originally was discussing doing the 2 retractable French doors for their garage doors until one of our manufacturers released their new product that just seemed to be the better option between the two. So, Terry went back to Erin with the newest option and they loved it. He recommended the new Mirage 3500 large retractable door. This would allow them to only have 1 door that goes the entire span on the door opening. With the doors not being standard sizes, the Mirage 3500 was able to accommodate the sizing needed with just one door instead of using two.

Once installed it turned out beautifully. The Mirage 3500 gave the opening a seamless look when the garage doors go up. They were so happy how everything turned out. This was a perfect option for their garage doors.

Before and After