John was looking to get his roof done. He went through many contractors and was just not comfortable with any of them. He works in the trades as a tree removal contractor, so he did his research on materials and contractors in the area to make sure he was getting the best options around. He was looking for a GAF Certified roofing company to work with to be able to explain the warranty types to ensure exactly what he was getting.

Jerry came out while training another representative to explain the roofing system that would get installed along with the warranty information. After careful consideration and a few interactions with our company, John felt comfortable working with Valverax to replace his roof. We replaced his pitched roof and flat screen room roof along with fixing rotted fascia, rafters, and decking. We also wrapped the fascia boards with aluminum coil to protect the boards underneath.

After the project was completed, John was extremely happy with the work. He loved the team and being able to work with everyone so closely made it a huge relief for him to know we had his best interest at heart. 

Before and After