Whether a house is 20 years old or brand new, there are always opportunities to implement customizations to fit your lifestyle. For Michelle and Justin, it was about fully enclosing their already-existing porch to enjoy their days all year long, rain or shine. Michelle reached out to our team through Nextdoor to gather more information about the various four-track stacking porch windows we offer. One of our representatives conducted a site visit, they took measurements to determine the proper sizing for the new window system.

During the site visit, our home improvement consultant noticed that Michelle’s porch had both structural and non-structural veneer posts. It was also noted that Michelle’s screened porch area was raised off the ground by less than 30” and had wood railings with 4×4 posts that provided support. Since the posts were non-structural, both the railing system and posts were removed to provide ample space for the WeatherMaster Model 200 Wall System to fit. All that was left prior to installing the Model 200 Wall System were the original corner columns where the door was located. A door with stacking window was installed in the middle to replace the original door since the original was built outward.

The team decided to move forward with a floor-to-ceiling wall system with 96-inch vinyl film windows to protect the porch from incoming rain, pollen, or dirt. Once the final installation was finished, Michelle and Justin expressed their excitement and could not wait to begin enjoying their new space. As an added bonus, our team discovered that Justin had knowledge of the Solar business. Since we specialize in Solar, we had great conversations, including trading tips, offering advice, and innovating new ideas.

This project was another job well done, and another satisfied customer. After the project concluded, Michelle provided positive recommendations on Nextdoor for future clients to view.

Before and After