Dariush had just purchased a newly constructed home. They had an existing covered porch area that was included with the price. They moved down here and wanted to be able to enjoy the weather without the pollen and rain interfering. They had been researching products around this area to see exactly what they might be interested in. They saw the vinyl-filmed 4-track windows and called to get a quote.

Zach went out to the home and after knowing what the client was looking for was able to show the sample windows in-person. The homeowners were impressed with our porch vinyl-film window as compared to the competition. The fact that Dariush works from home he wanted to add another room to be able to work from and enjoy the weather all at the same time. So, we installed the Sunspace WeatherMaster Model 200 wall system with a smoke grey tint to provide some filtering of sunrays. This way he can enjoy the space for the majority of the year.

Once the room was installed, he was able to use it more than he expected. He is able to sit out in his room, work and enjoy the view. 

Before and After