Chelsea and AJ had been wanting to enclose their porch ever since they bought their house over 6 years ago. They had looked into multiple options and many products. They had found our company through Google and decided to give us a call to see what options we had.

Josh went out to the consultation appointment to see what pain points the homeowners had in order to craft a custom solution that would best fit their needs. They had an existing covered porch to start with. After seeing the area and Chelsea letting him know their concerns of the pollen and rain and wanting to enjoy the space most of the year, he recommended the Sunspace WeatherMaster 200 wall system. This will allow them to enjoy the space regardless of the rain and keep the space clean during the pollen season. With Josh’s knowledge in the product and the initial customer service they received made it easy for Chelsea and AJ to make the decision to go with Valverax.

Now that the project has been completed, they are able to enjoy the space more than they ever dreamed of. As Chelsea says this room became her “sanctuary”. Being able to enjoy her coffee in the morning with the nature sounds and the nice breeze is exactly why they did the project. Having the peace of this space has definitely made it well worth it.