Porch Windows

For homeowners, windows are a wonderful addition to porches. They can help stop bugs and rain. Windows can also help keep floors and outdoor furniture clean, which means that the maintenance of porches are greatly reduced by the addition of windows. The frames and materials of these windows are important considerations when a homeowner is wanting to purchase porch windows. The differences between the window frames offered by us and our competitors will be compared first. Next, information on and the advantages of our vinyl and glass windows will be given.

Comparison of Window Frames

There are some common issues with window frames that occur. Some of these issues will be discussed, as well as how our windows solved them through alternative, more advantageous designs. Many vinyl film windows available on the market have a cascading design. The ones in front or on the bottom are wider, and the ones further back and towards the top are smaller. Each frame—commonly referred to as a sash—is a different size and that can also lead to a lacking appearance. However, the ones offered by Valverax are not cascading, meaning that the sashes can be used to replace each other and there is a more uniform look to the windows. There is sometimes an issue with bugs, pollen, or dirt accumulating in the window frame. Because of this, porch windows offered by Valverax are have solid sash frames. They have no grooves or crevices. The lack of grooves means that the aforementioned bugs, pollen, and dirt cannot accumulate in those small, hard to reach places, and therefore, less maintenance is required for these types. Competitor windows also can have issues with the springs and pins required to pull windows out from their tracks. Often, these mechanisms are exposed to the elements; wear from the climate and drying out occurs, which may lead to earlier breakage of these parts. Our windows, on the other hand, employ stainless steel springs that are enclosed by the tracks when they are locked in. These springs are fully hidden and protected from the elements. Additionally, our windows are locked into the tracks without any necessity to take them out during a bad storm or tornado.

Vinyl and Glass

ViewFlex vinyl-film is lighter and more flexible. It comes in clear and three tints: smoke, bronze, and dark grey. Glass is generally more durable. Windows of glass are either single or double panes. Double pane glass windows are helpful for homeowners looking for insulation, as this type traps heats. Both vinyl and glass are popular options, and are offered at Valverax. The ViewFlex windows come in 2-track and 4-track slider and vertical 4-track configuration. Glass windows only come in slider format. Glass is unfortunately not able to be 4 track due to the element’s weight, but vinyl is available as a 4 track option. As for the air flow of each option when fully opened, glass windows can have a 50% air flow and vinyl windows can provide up to 75% air flow.