Glenn Video Testimonial Sunspace WeatherMaster 200 Windows & Door

When Glenn and his wife first moved into their home, the previously installed porch looked as though it had been there for about 15-20 years. The screens were beginning to tear from the plastic laminate and the posts were stained. The old floor was typical decking wood that had nails pop up. The ceiling was progressively sagging and the two old ceiling fans placed on top appeared as though they were from the early 90’s. Above all else, one of the biggest issues was that there were no gutters, which would cause rain to pour off the roof. This allowed the rain to pour through the screens and create mud around the sunroom. Whenever it would rain, there would be about 2-3ft of water on the boards which made it difficult to keep anything in the room that wasn’t waterproof. In hopes to rebuild a porch enclosure Glenn and his wife could enjoy, he contacted Valverax!

With the vinyl four-track porch windows we installed, Glenn was able to enjoy his three-season room to the fullest. During this season (Spring), pollen is an issue, but the vinyl-film stacking porch windows prevents pollen from coming through the windows. Now Glenn can still enjoy the outdoors without the side effects of pollen. Glenn knew he wanted these types of windows and was assured our products were the best for stability.  Glenn was thinking about installing a tile floor over the deck.We let him know of the risks of having tile cracks overtime when installed on a deck as these platforms tend to move more over time as things settle. He was appreciative of us informing him and happily chose a different floor he really liked. Glenn was also interested in making the porch more aesthetic than just windows by adding a custom faux rock wall. When it comes to your porch enclosure, we are open to working with your ideas or we can provide some of our own.

As a team we will work our hardest to make our product suit you to your heart’s desires. Glenn expresses his experience working with our company being “much easier than I have in the past.” With communication from our sales reps, Glenn completely changed his mind from a backyard porch with screens to having a three-season room he very much enjoys. Within only a week of it being finished, Glenn and his wife have already spent the majority of their time in it enjoying the sounds from outdoors and their scenic view. Glenn claims he and his wife “couldn’t be happier.”

Final walkthrough of Glenn’s brand new Sunroom with Zach!

One of our Home Improvement Consultants, Zach, gives us a final walkthrough of a brand new three-season room. He begins the tour with the products inside: 

  • Products inside of Porch:
    • Vinyl-Film Four-Track Stacking Porch Windows
      • has screen behind which gives airflow, allows nice view
    • Added new floor in, luxury vinyl planking floor
      • Substitute for hardwood floors, water resistant
    • Replaced old wall with custom faux rock wall which adds a modern look
    • Tore old ceiling and added installation , which blocked out some old skylights they had 
    • Installed new vinyl beadboard ceiling
    • Added new beam wrapped in aluminum
    • Installed a new fan with lights
    • Removed their old screens and replaced it with the 3 season Vinyl-Film Four-Track Stacking Porch Windows
    • On gable portion of porch wall, added new trapezoid fixed-lites for added view
    • Interior posts were wrapped as well in MDF materials on inside
    • Sunspace door – Vinyl-Film Four-Track Stacking Porch Window with BetterVue screen
    • Doorknob can be locked as well for added protection 


  • Products outside of Porch:
    • Theme of the sunroom was white so we ordered white windows, wrapped the posts in white aluminum
    • Installed white vinyl beadboard skirt
    • Installed gutters, they didn’t have any before
    • Tied the downspouts with their current downspouts which gives them for functionality
    • They had old wood stairs before 
      • We used composite for the surface of stairs
      • Installed aluminum white railing
      • Installed new rock facade on side of the stairs which closed in the area under the steps