Different Parts You Need to Know Regarding Your Roofing Installations

When deciding on whether you want to remodel your roof, or just fix something that was damaged, you must be educated on all parts and mechanisms that lie underneath the initial material. Understanding each component will make the roofing process easy and so much more affordable!

Factors to Consider

Why is Knowing Important?

When it comes to understanding the parts of your residential roof, you must think about what works best for you and your home. Every part of a roof contributes to your home in its own unique way. It is more than just wood and extra metal! Roofing includes many benefits like storm prevention, affordable and unique designs, and most importantly stability. We don’t want your house collapsing in on you while you are cooking or watching TV. Becoming an expert on your home will offer you clarity on remodels and safety upon living.


Let’s start by thinking about the components that aren’t visible while looking upon your breathtaking home. These are the parts that most homeowners forget to consider. Each structural element promises to keep your home upright and safe to live in. To define a few…

Rafters are the initial framing component that runs from the ridge of the roof to the edge. The roof rafters provide integral structural support to the roof from inside your home.

Roof Trusses are also a part of the initial framework and typically include several triangular units constructed with straight members. They support the roof decking / sheathing as well as the overall topical structure of your roof.

The Sheathing / Deck provides the structural base of the entire system. It is designed to support the load of the full roof as well as other elements that may appear over time: snow, hail, debris, or installed equipment.

The Eaves are the edges of the roof that overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side of a building. The unique layout provides an overhang that drains water and may be highly decorated depending on your own personal taste.

Fascia is a vertical band under the roof edge which forms the outer surface of a cornice.

A Rake is the extreme edge of the roof on either side. The drip edge is where the shingles meet the gutter line and where all roofing begins.

Protection System

This system consists of the components that will protect your home against the unthinkable!

Leak Barriers help protect against any leaks caused by natural weather conditions. They are waterproof parts installed on top of the roof deck at the eave’s edge or any other vulnerable area.

Roof & Deck Protection usually requires a hard concrete material that helps protect your home. It can provide a second layer of safety between the shingles and roof decking.

Shingles are the most important installment of your roofing journey. They are the primary covering that overlap each other in layers to protect the overall structural build and ensure protection against water damage.

Ventilation consists of a balanced system of intake and exhaust vents that allow air to continuously flow throughout your home, specifically in the attic, to alleviate moisture and heat.

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles are the unique additions to shingle installments that are designed to be over the ridge and hip areas of the roof where two roof planes meet.


Overall residential roofing requires pretty, low maintenance. However, it is very important that you inspect your roof at least two times a year or after any harsh weather. A safe home requires a close eye to every crucial component to its structure.

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