Spotlight on Pergolas!

Explore our Different Options: Aluminum & Wood

Today’s blog is all about pergolas! We want to help you decide on which decision to make when adding a traditional outdoor garden feature to your backyard.

What are Pergolas?

Pergolas do so much more for your outdoor landscape than just providing shade and aesthetic to your home. They are a beautiful accent that can offer a fantasy-like passageway with floral arrangements and intricate vines, or a relaxing sitting area for when you wish to enjoy nature’s gifts. It may also be an extension of a building or serve as protection for an open terrace. When deciding on which material to use for your pergola, you want to look at our two different options we have available: Aluminum and Wood.

What About Color?

Making your pergola crafty and artistically pleasing is always important when adding a giant addition to your backyard. We’ve got you covered… literally! We offer retractable pergola canopies that rest on top of your structure, shading you from the sun while adding a touch of personal spice. The canopy cover slides on a durable trolley system that can be operated manually or motorized. We have plenty of color options, each included with custom designed fabric.


An aluminum pergola is our maintenance free option and includes a decorative brass on top of the structure. When it comes to the color of the material, we make sure to offer the best hues that will match any theme you wish to display on your property.

The standard colors we offer are white and earthstone. This leaves your pergola with a simple look and modern feel.

If simple isn’t what you’re looking for, we also offer many other exquisite colors such as: Desert sand, Sandstone, and Quaker Bronze.

If what we offer still isn’t to your liking, for an additional cost, we will assist you in finding an ideal color with our custom color option. Here, we can work with you to help create the right pigment you need.

Every Aluminum pergola also comes with a canopy that lies underneath the edifice. It runs off a chain system, that upon installation, we will help pull out just for you. If you are into exterior design, we also offer over 100 different design fabrics to choose from. Lastly, the aluminum option includes two different forms of shade. The first is TS2, which is a motorized shade that runs off electricity and comes with a pre-installed remote. The other option is a simple curtain or solar shades that can be installed on one or all sides of the structure. It provides privacy and an escape from harsh rays!


A wood pergola will require maintenance, but gives your yard a natural look, with coarse tones and basic shades. These wood structures are very sturdy and provide a high resistance against decay and other severe elements. We have both a pine and cedar model that is certified as our pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine or western red rough stone tight knot cedar.

When it comes to our different designs, we offer materials that give you a valuable sunbathing spot, wider walkway access, or solar powered energy.

The Big Kahuna provides maximum sun coverage, giving you the best tanning spot and an open view. It works great free standing or mounted against your home.

Our Sombrero incorporates the top slats from the Kahuna, but only requires half of the rafters, opening the area with minimal sunlight.

A Fedora is one of our classic designs. It encourages an ‘open-space’ concept, creating more visible room to decorate.

The Brim option, however, truly gives your pergola a wider walkway. This option works best for the ends and edges of a deck or garden, allowing you the space to party and unwind.

a Visor display includes a wood awning that can cover a garage or French door. This option requires more detail in the design that adds your own personal touch!

Our Solar Design comes with the Big Kahuna style but does not offer solar equipment unless requested. If interested, we can add solar panels on top to maximize your energy sufficiency. This design, like the Kahuna, is great free standing or as an additional mount to your home.

Don’t Wait!

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