One size rarely—if ever—fits all. Different homes have different needs. What is best for one homeowner is not necessarily the best for another. Because of this, we provide six different options for screens: No-See-Ums Screens, Tuff, Phifer Standard Fiberglass Screens, BetterVue Screens, Phifer Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screens, and Phifer Fiberglass Solar Insect Screens.


No-See-Ums Screens

This type of screen is made of fiberglass woven into a 20×20 mesh. Due to its tightly woven design, No-See-Ums are perfect for dealing with even the smallest of bugs. The mesh design still allows for good visibility and ventilation. If a homeowner is worried about small bugs, No-See-Ums are a great option.


Tuff Screens

Tuff is the sturdiest screen option available. It comes with a vinyl-coated polyester. Tuff is a very heavy duty screen and is three times stronger than other screens. It is extremely tear and puncture resistant. Because of the manufacturer’s confidence in this product, they offer a ten year manufacturer warranty. If a homeowner is looking for something very durable, Tuff screens would be great for them. Additionally, this type is great for highly trafficked homes and those with children or pets.


Phifer Standard Fiberglass Screens

This is the Standard Fiberglass Screen, called such as it is considered as the ‘standard’ option. This type is 18×16 mesh. It provides decent bug protection and good visibility. To quote its manufacturer, this screen is…“designed for you to see the view not the screen”. If a homeowner is looking for a good, basic screen, they should consider a Phifer Standard Fiberglass.


BetterVue Screens

BetterVue is the most popular screen we sell. It is made with Watershed Technology, meaning that it repels water. Dirt and debris do not stick to the screen due to this technology and therefore it stays clean longer. It keeps out insects while also having good ventilation and visibility. If a homeowner is looking for a good everyday option, they may want to look at BetterVue screens.


Phifer Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screens

This is the second Phifer screen product offered. It is the Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screen and is 18×14. A majority of insects are kept out, but it still has good ventilation. This screen is rather durable and can withstand debris from storms. If a homeowner is trying to put a screen in pool or patio areas, Phifer Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screens are a good choice.


Phifer Fiberglass Solar Insect Screens

This is the third type of Phifer screen we sell. It is a 20×30 mesh. This type is great at protecting against insects and provides some privacy. It also stops about 65% of the sun’s heat. If a homeowner is in a sunnier climate, they may want to consider the Phifer Fiberglass Solar Insect Screens.


Depending on a homeowner’s needs and unique situation, they may prefer some screens over others. The following includes a quick breakdown of all six. No-See-Ums Screens are good for those living in places with many insects. Tuff Screens are for those who require a more heavy-duty version, while Phifer Standard Fiberglass Screens might be for those who prefer a  simpler option. BetterVue Screens are water repellant and require less maintenance for cleaning. Phifer Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screens are great for pools and patios, as well as guarding against the elements. Phifer Solar Insect Screening defends against both insects and intense heat.