In an unprecedented world such as the one we live in today, you never know what is going to happen. This is exactly what happened when the team worked on Charles’s project. His wife, Margie, reached out to us directly, exactly one week before the Coronavirus pandemic implemented a country-wide shut down. Due to these newfound circumstances, our team quickly adapted and scheduled a video consultation to learn more about the project. Normally, we would visit in-person. Charles and Margie told us that they currently had a small back porch with 3 walls and needed 1 more wall to fully enclose it and make it free of bugs. Since they had smaller dogs, they wanted to keep them inside the porch. Additionally, they specifically requested to not have vinyl film since they wanted to hose down their concrete floor without causing additional maintenance. After hearing their needs and gaining a sense of the problem, we provided an effective solution: our Sunspace Model 100 wall system, white in color, with a single door and 1 wall to fully enclose the space; most importantly, they didn’t want it to feel like a complete room, but still an outdoor space. To provide the best solution possible, the team deigned 1 wall, broken into 2 parts to fit the new door. Since the space was currently shaped as a “C” and was facing the front part of the building, the team selected to use standard screening for the wall. When the wall was placed, there was an outdoor light that was almost in the way. Thankfully, the light was not removed and the wall was placed outward with a trim board to cover any wall openings. Overall, the finished look was seamless, sleek, and provided endless amounts of natural light. It looked as if it was always meant to be there. Shortly after the team finished the new enclosed porch, Charles and Margie asked for a quote on more outdoor projects, including an outdoor pergola. If you have not touched on the project we did with Gale, Charles is the neighbor who watched us work on her porch! Now, Charles, Margie and Gale can now enjoy more backyard barbecues, while being fully covered in case of rain.

Before and After Pictures