The Four Types of Decking

What material should a homeowner choose to make the surface of their deck with? There are four different types of decking material offered by Valverex: wood, composite, PVC, and aluminum. Each of them vary in life span, warranty, and other areas.

The 1st Type of Decking: Wood

There are many different kinds of wood that homeowners can build a deck with. Redwood, teak, and ipe are more exotic and expensive, but they have more durability than common woods, such as cedar. Adding on to that, there are thousands of different paints and stains that can be added by professionals or homeowners. Wood decks generally last for around ten years. However, every two to five years, maintenance should be done on the wood. This includes sanding down the boards and adding another coat of paint, stain, or sealer once it wears down, chips, or fades. Boards will need to be replaced entirely when the damage gets too severe. Fortunately, Valverax offers a two year labor warranty.

The 2nd Type of Decking: Composite

Composite is a mixture of wood fiber and plastic. It still possesses the appearance of wood, but is far more durable. This type of decking comes in many colors, from cool Earl Grey to a red-toned Warm Sienna. The warranties and expected lifespan range from twenty to fifty, depending on the type of composite decking chosen. As long as the warranty is still in effect, the manufacturer will replace the deck in case of fading color. Maintenance is also splendidly low for composite decking, but does need to be checked for mold and mildew similar to wooden decks.

The 3rd Type of Decking: PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic resin and often made from recycled materials. This type of decking usually lasts about fifty years. The warranty for PVC—both Promenade and Paramount Decking Lines—is also fifty years. It can come in a natural wood color or a natural stone color, such Sandy Pier or Flagstone, respectively. Similar to composite decking, the maintenance for PVC is extremely low. Due to being made out of hard plastic, it is easy to clean, and harder to scratch or crack than composite.

The 4th Type of Decking: Aluminum

Aluminum decking has an expected lifespan of twenty years. The warranty ensures that homeowners do not have to worry about any splitting, cracking, or breaking over the twenty years after purchase. It comes in a Cedar and Grey Woodgrain pattern, as well as Sand and Gray colors. There is no maintenance required for aluminum decking. This is because it is crack, fade, and rust resistant. Fortunately, there also is no need for buyers to worry about the aluminum getting hotter in the summer as compared to other types of decks such as composite.


Decking Type Constructed out of… Lifespan Warranty Maintenance Color Options Other Factors
Wood 100% Wood 10 Years 2 Years (Labor Warranty) Every 2-5 Years to put on a new coat of paint, stain, and/or sealer Any paint or stain can be used by the buyer as wished Depending on tastes and needs, various types of wood could be used for the decking
Composite Wood fiber and plastic, the percentage depends on the type choosen 20-50 Years 20-50 Years Low 25 Depending on the type chosen, it can be mold and mildew resistant and/or stain and fade resistant
PVC 100% synthetic resin/plastic 50 Years 50 Years Low-None 10 Extremely durable, the longest lasting out of the four options, mold/mildew resistant
Aluminum 100% aluminum 20 Years 20 Years Low-None 4 Fire resistant