Storm damage is so common around this area that we wanted to help homeowners be informed. We will go over the process in which we determine storm damage and what happens next.

The first step is once the storm has hit and there may be signs of some damage you will call. Our first question to will be about water spots in the ceiling. If there are signs of water spots in the ceiling, we need to provide an emergency tarp over the area for no further damage. We will then come out to the home to climb on the roof and check shingles, soft materials, and gutter. Once we have finished on the roof, we like to walk the perimeter with the homeowner to assess anymore damage done to the home if any. Once the inspection is done, we determine if the home has storm damage or not. If it is storm damage we go into our next step.

Next step after determining it is storm damage and get all the damage, we ask that a claim is submitted. After the claim is submitted the insurance company will schedule a day and time for the adjuster to come out. Now we always ask that we are there during the appointment with the adjuster just so we can walk the property with them to identify all damage and make sure everything is fixed. Once the meeting with the adjuster is finished, we will schedule to get with you on what needs to be done. In this meeting we will go over everything wrong and our best recommendation to fixing the damage. After agreed on what materials we will use then we will order and begin on the project. Once we complete the project, we will submit the paperwork to the insurance company to show we have completed. The insurance company will review and determine that it has indeed been completed. Then they will send the homeowner a check and from that check the homeowner will pay us.

That will be the process from start to end on dealing with storm damage. Hopefully, this puts your mind at easy knowing how the process goes from start to finish. So, give us a call or email us today if you think you have storm damage or if you are just looking to replace the roof. Let us help you get your roofing needs completed.