Ever wanted your screen porch to turn into an outside patio again? Some people love their screen porch area but sometimes just want the screen to go away so they can clean the area or the kids can run in an out without having to hear the door slam. Well, you’re in luck Mirage has come out with the Mirage H4800 Retractable Screens.

Mirage H4800 is the best option to still have that beautiful screened in porch area you always dreamed of but when you would like the screen to be out of your way you can do so with a touch of your remote. With this innovative technology you can use either the remote or an app to control your screen to move up or down. This product is wonderful for keeping out bugs and still enjoying the fresh air outside. Mirage is always good for helping keep out the sun with the multiple screen/shade options for anyone’s need.  You can use this product to turn your existing porch, gazebo, or balcony into the dream outside space you have always wanted. Also, people may not know is that we offer retractable screens for doors and windows as well. These can be installed in front of sliding doors, French doors, and outside windows. These products enable you to enjoy the fresh air in your house without letting all the bugs in or if you need shade from the sun during a time of the day. Mirage products can be used for so many different applications and that is why we highly recommend them.

There are quite a few different installation processes for this product to work with any structure. We have recessed tracks which are built into the middle of your structure or posts to create an invisible effect with the tracks. Face mount on either the inside or outside of your structure wall if you prefer it to not be in the middle or if you can’t install in the middle. There are also jamb mounts which would go flush with your structure in the middle instead of being built into the structure.

We also provide shade options for people who are interested in blocking the sun instead of doing screen. The shades can be used for house and porch windows. Shades can be installed on a cable system. This system is similar to our track system but instead of using the tracks we use cables. The cables are a weighted down system so can withstand wind without moving around. The shades are wonderful asset to any home that may be exposed to the sun during certain times of the day. The ability to be able to use the shade when needed during the certain time of the day and then being able to make it retract when you don’t need it sounds like a great bonus.

We highly recommend this for anyone looking for the option to have the best of both worlds with a screen porch to just your regular patio area. Also, having the options between screens or shading for certain areas who couldn’t be more thrilled to get Mirage products. No matter your needs whether it be the bugs or sun this will be your best option. Please call or email us today to get your free estimate today.

Different Mirage screen/shade projects