Justin was just looking for a way to sit outside without being so hot or have the sun in his face. He also, wanted a way to not be bothered by all the bugs when he sits outside with his dog. He thought about doing a sun shade for the sun but that wouldn’t help with the bugs. So, he thought why not screen it in? Well Google here he comes.

After looking around on Google a bit he found us and a couple more companies. So, he called us. We came out and listened to Justin’s needs, wants, and pain-points to get an understanding of what issues he was trying to solve with screening in his porch. Once we had Justin’s feedback on the challenges he was facing we were able to create a custom solution that would work best for him. He didn’t just immediately decide to go with us. Justin is like every other home owner who wants to shop around to weigh the different options. And, after speaking with the different contractors he choose us because he liked how we treated him as a person. He thought we would treat him better and provide him with a sturdier product that the other guys.

Listening to Justin and trying to understand what he needed to make his outdoor space work for him we recommended a combination of two products: Sunspace Model 100 Wall System with integrated railing and Mirage Horizon 4800 large retractable screen. This allows him to have the screened in porch he wants and keep out all the bugs. Now how do we help with the heat issue? We informed him of the solar screen options we have. This screen is denser thereby keeping more of the sunshine on the outside and the cool air on the inside. Justin had concerns for his dog not seeing the screen too well and running into it. That’s part of the reason he went with us and the solar insect screen. We have a stronger screen option that will help if animals accidently run into your screen. With the Mirage H4800 retractable screen, Justin is able to keep his porch wide open on cooler days when there is no threat of bugs coming in or on the days that he hosts a party and uses both the porch and patio to entertain his guests. The open screen gives his dog the option to run back and forth with not having to open and close the other screen door.

All in all, he loved all the different options we were able to provide for him. Like he said we always try to help our customers anyway we can to create the perfect outdoor dream space for them. Whether that is helping keep the bugs out or just keep you and your dog cool on those hot days. We are always here to help!

Before and After Pictures