Chima lives in a high-rise apartment where all they have are sliding doors, but with that allows tons of bugs and the occasional bird to drop in. He just wanted his apartment to not be stuffy and allow fresh air without all those unwelcomed guests. So, he took to the internet for some options.


After searching on the internet, he had a couple of people come and give him estimates on what they could offer him to later disappoint and not be able to help. Disappointed and over the project Chima decided to give up for a few months. Only to realize that he couldn’t put the project off any longer. He found us after doing some more research one of our home improvement advisers came out to look at the problem. We reassured him that the problem can be resolved and the customization that was needed was not a problem.


Soon as we looked at the project, we knew that the Mirage retractable screen door would be his best option. Now it wasn’t as easy as it looked to just install the retractable screen door. After looking at how his blinds were mounted above the sliding door, we realized that wasn’t going to work with were the screen door needed to be mounted. So, we extended out the blind mount to be able to install the retractable screen door. Once it was all said and done the installment went great and didn’t even look like we changed a thing.


So, don’t make the mistake of calling over people that will just give you the run around. Take Chima’s advice and call us first to get your quote today. We always try to help in anyway we can to make your outdoor living space your dream oasis.